The Sanctuary of Home

Home. The one place we and our loved ones can slough off the day’s stresses and relax, regroup.

My husband is yard foreman for a feedlot here in the Mid-West. And July is a busy time…all the cattle out to grass need gathered up and shipped off. It means getting up at 4 A.M. to beat the heat (we hit 106-107 degrees Mon-Wed), and sometimes barely making it home before dark.

Dh lost over ten pounds in 4 days.

I’m thankful for central air, ice water, potassium tablets (to help combat dh’s dehydration), and compassionate children. I’m sure dh is too. Simple comforts.

When the heat of life turns up do you turn to God? When the days are so long that you have no time to relax in Him, do you start losing your spiritual grip?

He’s the Ultimate Sanctuary. Breathe in His healing and restoration…He’s calling you home.

5 thoughts on “The Sanctuary of Home”

  1. What a great looking site!

    I’m glad to hear that your husband got home safe and sound and that things are going well. Must be nice to have central air!

  2. God allows things to happen for a reason which He only knows. Ours is only to accept and be ready for whatever design He would recreate for our lives. Let`s just put our trust in Him completely……He is our greatest Healer and Provider!

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