Welcome to HsH!


Welcome to Home-steeped Hope.

I’m Mary, admittedly old-fashioned thanks to my love of the Lord, my family and a life of simplicity. And quilts. And enamelware. And classic novels by roaring fireplaces. :O)

I’m thirty-one, married to my cowboy, homeschooling sahm, raising three daughters, several horses, a few goats, border collies and one bucket calf here on our twelve acres in the beautifully agricultural mid-west. That colt in my blog header is one out of my paint mare Topaz. Wish I could have shown more, but WordPress makes you crop half the good stuff for these headers…and I’m not computer savvy enough to know how to get around it! :O)


My blog entries reflect my interests. Christianity-culture clashes, Family traditions and crafts, Marriage, Parenting, Homeschooling, Cooking (only recipes I share are family favorites-tried and true), Canning, Reading and Writing. A potpourri of items, I know. :O)

Be sure to check out my sidebar, and the live blog feeds I feature:

MInTheGap is a good friend, and a great one for blogging Christian takes on the latest in this culture we live in. His lively posts are often where I start my morning coffee blog-hopping!  

Writer…Interrupted is another great site belonging to fellow writer friend, Gina. This webring is continually growing and a very encouraging place to meet God and explore the writing craft. I contribute at Writer…Interrupted on the last Thursdays of the month, and at MInTheGap whenever possible.

Did I mention that I love hot drinks? And good friends? Nothing like both for some good ole home-steeped hope!

Rejoicing in hope…Romans 12:12

2 thoughts on “Welcome to HsH!”

  1. Hi again. I have a new question regarding training/discipline. I’m curious, since you spend most of the time with your children (as I expect to be since we’re going to homeschool), do you end up doing the majority of the training/disciplining? After reading much Christian material about discipline/training, I’ve come to realize that the keys are consistency and starting early (makes sense that when doing this, children early on learn obedience). My concern, however, is that I’m doing all the reading in this area and coming to understand the importance of it, but I don’t want to be the disciplinarian alone. Just curious how that works out when you’re with the kids most of the time (especially when they’re young).
    Hope that makes sense …feel like I’m rambling! Sorry 🙂

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