My Birthday

“You have to sleep in till 8 o’clock!” my daughters insisted the night before, as my dh set their alarm for 6 A.M. per their request.

Have I mentioned before how nice it is to have daughters? The morning of my 31st birthday was the laziest I’ve had in forever! When toddler woke up at 6:45 A.M., my 5 yo was immediately on the job. However, the hushed noises coming from the kitchen, not to mention the smells of baking chocolate were slightly hard to ignore! (No, the house didn’t burn down!)

My surprises included a homemade “Happy Birthday Mommy!” banner with balloons and beads hung over the kitchen doorway, a brownie “cake” with peanut butter/melted butterscotch chips frosting–still warm (!), homemade cards…and plenty of hugs and kisses! Plus, a gift certificate from my oldest for ten back rubs!

We spent the afternoon at a water park with my sisters’ families…and came home to dh who wanted to take us out to my favorite Mexican restaurant to celebrate. Unfortunately, we all realized after such a day that toddler wouldn’t be up for a dining-in experience (Ha.) so we got Pizza Hut to go and came home, pulled the sleeper-sofa out and watched Escape to Grizzly Mountain together–a movie the whole family enjoyed…thanks to the cutest bear cub ever to dominate a show! (FYI, we are huge fans of Stouffer’s Wild America videos)

A very nice birthday/anniversary! Especially since I’m promised a rain-check on the Mexican food!

4 thoughts on “My Birthday”

  1. I thought of you, honey, on your bd. I’ve always loved knowing the doctor suggested we have the amniocentesis text in case you might have birth defects since I was almost 40. We know he had to do that but we also knew you were the first of our 5 who was planned and we knew you were in God’s hands. And you have been such a blessing to us…every day. Love you, Honey,

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