The Mark of a Christian

If you’ve read the Left Behind series, you know that author’s Jenkins and LaHaye portray late tribulation Christians as having a mark on their forehead that only other Christians recognize. Everyone else wears the mark of the beast.

Yesterday at the pool, my toddler found another toddler to play around with. This other toddler’s parents were there, and also two older siblings. I found myself wondering if they were Christians just by some simple observations.

One, the mom, in her maternity suit, was relaxing at pool’s edge reading a book. Of course, I angled myself to see what she was reading and it was a non-fiction, nothing scandalous.

My second observation was that this was a young couple (mid-to-late twenties?) and they had 3 young children and another on the way. In this culture, that is a big step of faith, don’t you think?

Last, their two little girls were in one piece bathing suits. Now why would they do that? I mean, two piece suits are much easier to maneuver for diaper changes and trips to the bathroom. And two piece suits are generally more available, and sometimes more adorable than their one piece counterparts!

It just made me stop and think. What about us and our actions reveals our heart? I don’t “judge” others for letting their toddlers wear bikinis. In fact, when my oldest was that age my sil and mil were always buying cute two pieces and for a while I stifled my inner convictions and told myself it was convenient and okay. After all, we are not under law but under grace.

I could be completely wrong about this family. I wish I’d gone out on a limb and asked but I didn’t.

As the culture erodes more and more of our Christian values, how will the rest of the population know we are Christians? Is it obvious?

Maybe it should be.

5 thoughts on “The Mark of a Christian”

  1. Then again, there’s the ‘never judge a book by its cover’ theory. I’ve been around rigidly strict families who say they’re Christians but don’t have any joy to speak of. I’ve had times in my life when I’ve worn clothing that I’m now not proud of, and I was a “Christian”…There’s always a fine line for Christians between hypocrisy and coming across as self-righteous…I hope I never sound judgemental when I post observations like the above!

  2. It’s hard not to look at people and wonder where they stand Biblically, but I think that you bring up the better point– what does how we look and what we do say about Whom we serve?

  3. Thanks for your thoughts.
    There are very few things our Lord instructs us not to do. Instead, most of what He said and showed was along the line of, “Follow Me and do what I do.”
    If we did everything in our day with the thought, “Would Jesus be pleased with what I am doing?” we would be so much closer to living the right life that He wants for us. “Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”
    Jim Magwood
    The Master’s Voice blog

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