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Summer’s End

Technically the first day of Fall is on September 23, but for me Fall is all about going back to school...

I love this time of year...three weeks left to hit the pool and have friends over...plenty of "free" time before homeschooling takes precedence over our schedule. We've made it through the dizziness of county fair (got the purple and blue ribbons to prove it!) and now it's time to plan Awana.

On Monday, I'm canning pickles with a friend (bread and butter, dill, and pickled okra)and tonight we'll traipse to the youth rodeo so our oldest can open the show with "The Star Spangled Banner." Ah summertime.

I need to be ordering my homeschool materials, and planning the annual scavenger hunt that the girls and I always do to kick off our first day of school.

But for now, I think I'll go pour us all a glass of fresh lemonade...water, sugar and sliced lemons shaken vigorously in a quart jar...

Have a great weekend!