The Candy-Bar Fairy

I admit, I fudged a bit. Instead of candy bars, I used those little cannisters of mini-m&m’s. Hey, I know what my daughters like!

Problem is, the m&m’s still reside under their respective pillows. Here’s what I put on their “labels”: May your words to each other always be as sweet as these treats!

I’ll update this if and when my weekend kindness is discovered! 

Updated~ Getting a bit antsy, I sneaked into their room and moved the m&m’s to their bunk bed railings. 6 yo discovered hers first about three hours later and came rollicking out to me…with some hemming and hawing she was convinced that her sister must have given it to her…eventually I was found out and deemed the best mom ever! My oldest says she’ll have one a day till they’re gone so that her words will stay sweet that much longer. Ha. Wonder how long that will last? One m&m a day?

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