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Enjoy Read Alouds With All Five Senses

I’ve blogged before about the series we’re reading written by Ralph Moody in the 1950’s about his own boyhood. The first book, “Little Britches”, hooked us but good, and we’ve […]

I’ve blogged before about the series we’re reading written by Ralph Moody in the 1950’s about his own boyhood. The first book, “Little Britches”, hooked us but good, and we’ve now moved onto book number two: “Man of the Family”. The next and last (I believe) is called “Shaking the Nickle Bush.”

Currently, Little Britches and his big sister Grace are canvassing their home town of Littleton, CO selling wagon loads of their mom’s homemade goodies…donuts, pies, injun puddin’ and beans. Their father died at the end of the last book, and the family is doing what it takes to make ends meet.

So I thought we’d have a “little britches” meal tonight, but upon researching ‘injun pudding’ I see that it takes injun cornmeal and has raisins and cinnamon…which sounds downright unpalatable!

So we’ll have plain ole cornbread with our beef ‘n beans, donuts and peach pie. So much for authentic.

Btw, if you should choose to read this series aloud, be aware that one or two of the adult characters drop some unsavory words now and then. I’m a fast reader, usually several words ahead of what I’m actually voicing, so I just ad-lib. In this case, the story is worth it.

I’ve said it before, it’s a series that reminds me a bit of the Little House books…only from a boy’s perspective.

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I hadn’t ever heard of this series. Sounds really cool! I’ve had to do my own editing on the fly with some of the Little House books, and I’m doing the same right now with some of the books I have on VA history. I mean, I’m using a book from the 1950s for history and some of the language is a little skewed as far as Native and African Americans.

You’re right– that injun pudding doesn’t sound too appealing.

It’s always funny when you’re reading a Bible passage aloud– especially up front and in the King James– because you find that there are words you wonder if you should read because of what they mean now!

I was watching Disney’s Pinocchio the other day with the kids, and wondered how long it would be until they would call donkey’s the name used in the movie– it’s hard!

Right! Or in some of the really old ones we read “gay” as happy…thankfully, my daughter really thinks it means “happy” still! :OS

Rebecca, this series has nothing racial in it, just a few “words” we don’t say in our family! And it’s never from the boy or his family, just from a cowboy acquaintance. My daughter begs for several chapters a day…it’s one we’re both really into!

Guess what, Mary. You’re only on Book 2 of Moody’s books. You still have Mary Emma and Company, The Home Place, Shaking the Nickel Bush, The Dry Divide and Horse of another Color, The Fields of Home, The Home Ranch…not in that order but they are all wonderful books. So you’ve lots of good reading ahead! The Fields of Home is the next one.

Wow! Thanks for the title names! Methinks our poolside reading times will have to merge indoors at that rate! (Oldest and I usually sit in lawn chairs out by the sandbox and wading pool and read while the other two play!)

I, too, have been reading Ralph Moody book aloud to my children. Last night we were wondering what “injun pudding” was. If you have the recipe, I’d love it if you would share it please. These books are fabulous! He was my favorite author as a child.

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