Heaven-Love (part 1)

Do you talk about Heaven with your kids?

I remember several years ago during a friend’s visit, watching our two 5 year olds going into raptures about Heaven.

We were sitting around the kitchen table, just after supper, and something set them off. I’m telling you, it was like a mini-church service. Precious. Their eyes were just full of the joy of Heaven’s promise. Remember that, Jana?

Yesterday, yet again on the way somewhere, I had to tell my girls that a friend from Awanas was near death. Second bout with cancer. We popped in our favorite tape by Acappella and listened to “Holy City”. Tears filled our eyes at the thought that he might be sailing to Heaven in a chariot at that very moment (can you imagine a ten yo boy’s joy at that!), to be welcomed by Jesus, to sit at the spot of honor at the welcoming table. No more chemo, tears or sadness.

Our tears were part heartache…remembering his ready smile, his bald head. But there was something almost envious behind the light of my little girls’ eyes.

To play with and nap beside lions, to sit on Daniel’s or David’s lap and hear their stories first hand…to see the great grandparents they’ve only heard stories about, and their uncle who died when he was but six…to know Jesus…

Don’t forget to talk about Heaven to your children. It needs to be real and awesome to them. God may call them home at any time, you think they’re ready…but are they really?

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3 thoughts on “Heaven-Love (part 1)”

  1. yes since my grandmother died two years ago we’ve had all sorts of questions from my children about death and heaven, it’s definitely something to learn about.

  2. Ahhhh…I get goose bumps remembering that beautiful experience! I’ll never forget that. Those girls were so enthusiastic I think if we’d have been in a tent meeting of old, there would’ve been people falling to their knees left and right. I hope they both carry that into adulthood. The faith of a child…

    Heaven is still a popular topic at our home. And even more so the painful reality of those we love who seem not to be headed there. This is also a time of reminder to pray for your unsaved loved ones…God doesn’t desire for any of us to mis sout on heaven!

  3. Right…and it came home hard last night when one of dh’s co-worker’s wives died suddenly from an aneurysm…early forties…please pray for him and his two daughters.

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