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A Homeschooling Necessity

The white board and dry erase markers. Yup. A necessity.

And not for the reason you think…yes, they come in handy for the mom or dad when illustrating addition or the silent final “e” rule…but our children’s creativity explodes when given free rein with the white board!

Whether by playing school, or drawing elaborate works of art, our white board gets put to good use by my girls. Pictionary is SO much more fun, as is Hangman, and my oldest loves filling it with words. (shrugging my shoulders, yes, words) She’ll start out by writing all the words that start with a certain letter that she can think of, then she’ll ask me for more, and sometimes (on a REALLY good day!) she’ll get out our children’s dictionary (another must have–ours is by Scholastic) and get even more inspired!

We even have to draw a line down the middle so both girls can have equal space and then it has to remain till Daddy gets home so he won’t miss out on admiring all the fun!

To spur my oldest’s interest in learning to read, I’d write a two or three sentence story on the white board each morning before she woke up…and she’s such a sucker for stories, she’d overcome her “disinterest” and excitedly start sounding out words. She was in kindergarten then, and every morning I’d also have her write the month, day and year on the board.

Our white board is a medium sized one we bought at Staples four years ago.  The other day my oldest found me cleaning the bathroom, and the look on her face tipped me off immediately. “What’s wrong?” I asked. No one was crying, so I relaxed somewhat.

“That marker that we thought was a dry erase marker?”

I nodded. It looked exactly like one.

“It wasn’t. It’s a permanent marker.”


Anybody know of a way to remove permanent marker from a dry erase board?