Power Washing

Yesterday afternoon I power-washed the front of our house. (Well, the bottom half of it, it’s a two story) What a great tool…we got our power washer at Wal-Mart this past summer and though one of the cheaper models, that thing peels dried paint spills off concrete! No more car washes for this family!

Well, here I was washing the mud dauber’s nests, cobwebs, and dust off the house and I decided to wash the limestone rocks that decorate the outside of our concrete steps that lead to the front door. Little did I know that the rocks I’d always thought were a gray color were really tan! Big surprise…imagine our fun and excitement as we stripped all the whatever it was (algae?) off all the rocks…it was like wielding a magic eraser…black specks giving way to gray and then tan–instantly. And to think, I had no idea they needed cleaned!

It got me to thinking how at different times in our life we’re convicted of different things. And God’s conviction leads to the ultimate power-washing experience…how many times has He destroyed a layer of sin that I was surprised was even a problem. Maybe pride in disguise, or an addiction (like music, TV, certain books)…He just blasts it clean gone, no trace left behind (if we cooperate and never look back!).

Knowing that His cleansing us of these issues is such a good thing, why is it that we buck it and continue clinging to our comfort-traps? Think of all the ecosystems thriving in the dirt of our hidden transgressions…weighing us down.

Sometimes showers of blessings come in disguise. Anyone up for a good Power-washing?