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About Swimwear–What Do You Think?

I’ve already posted in the past that I’m against bikinis on toddlers (or anyone else for that matter). Why put them in something for ease and cuteness only to take it away in a couple years when it “becomes immodest”?

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to some modest swimwear she is sewing for her girls–take a peek, they are SO adorable. In the same email, she mentioned that they’ve decided against going to public pools anymore.

To be honest, if I had little boys, I’d probably be more aware/conscientious of what their little eyes were taking in at the pool. Am I being naive to think that as long as *we* are modest, my girls won’t be affected by what they see?

We love swimming. A visit to the pool isn’t that necessary, as we have our own 3’x12′ inflatable in the front yard. But our nearby town has an acquatic center with huge slides and a lazy river for tubing. And I’m a water fanatic…LOVE water parks! (It’s the west coast in me…smile)

So I’m curious as to you all’s opinion on this. Tell me what you really think. Btw, the modest swimwear I linked to is bathroom accessible (winking at those of you with girl toddlers!).

Cooking and Food Family Ties

Thoughts on Homemaking

The homemaker in me really comes to life with the arrival of fall. The pantry must include extras of the following essentials: cinnamon, brown sugar, ww/white/bread flours, instant vanilla pudding, quick oats, choc. chips… My butter and cream cheese supply morphs into overstock, because to run out is unthinkable! You see, the arrival of fall at my house means baking! Cheesecakes, pies, cookies, breads…today, cinnamon rolls. It’s like an addiction.

If only the addiction would overflow into fall cleaning. You won’t read much on my blog about my housekeeping skills. True, that I get a little insane when the clutter level threatens to topple any visiting adults, and true that I get to claim somewhat of an exemption because we homeschool.

Still, I painted a small plaque and hung it just inside my kitchen doorway…it reads: My house was clean yesterday, sorry you missed it!  

Dh is more comfortable with the “lived in look”. What, honey, you enjoy having to search all surfaces for the elusive remote? See, I used to be obsessive about the remote always being on the top righthand corner of our coffee table. Before kids. Before homeschooling. Talk about free time. Back when I washed the walls regularly.

I do make our bed every day. And the girls and I keep up with the dishes. Dirty bathrooms really yank my chain, so ours (we only have one, thankfully!) is usually decent. Dust…you’ll find it. My back porch aka “mud room” is usually heaping with “stuff”. One of the long counters in my kitchen is usually hiding under the kid’s crafts and schoolwork. And mail. The toaster is back there somewhere.

Please don’t send me to Flylady. I think she has great ideas but I’ve been obsessive about cleaning  before and I’m really not looking to revert!

I’d rather be obsessive about things that interest me…my family, my friends (including you all here in the blogosphere)…and baking. After all, I truly love a clean house, but it lasts only an hour tops around here.  And I really don’t want my children to remember their mom as someone who killed herself, and all her time cleaning house.

I really don’t want them to remember me as an internet junkie either. But at least they’ll remember my kitchen full of good tastes and smells!