In Training Part 2

Something beautiful happened yesterday. After a frustration filled morning on the part of both me and toddler, I decided that an afternoon of peace was much-needed.

As soon as she woke up from her nap, we headed outside. Weather-perfect, the day welcomed our frazzled spirits. Toddler puttered happily in and out of the sandbox, on the swings, hopped on the trampoline…and my 8 and 6 yo had a great time “doing school” outdoors. We just pulled our lawn chairs up close to the sandbox and went to work. No mad runs to the bathroom, no puddles on the floor to clean up…deep breaths of fresh country air cleansing away the stress. Thank you to all who contributed to this by praying for us!

I’d been so harried all morning, between rushing toddler to the toilet and trying to teach “spelling rules” and “math”…and I realized at one point that getting frustrated with my “constant interrupter” (toddler) wasn’t in step with my desire to raise my older girls to value their little sister. After all, she is way more important than multi-letter phonograms and practicing higher addition!
In this world that views children as burdensome, my job of raising them becomes of paramount importance. Yes, at times it’s hard, but it’s never burdensome.

Sometimes you have to stop the frantic-ness and enjoy the gifts God gave you. Children are a good place to start.