A Little Training Update

My little stinker of the “In Training” posts, seems to have an issue with being in the “spotlight”.

In the past two days, we’ve been at least equally as successful as not…in the toilet training department. Why? Well, when the Pavlov’s dog routine (goal-incentive) failed to work, I was at a loss. About this same time, toddler disappeared. Found her in the bathroom, having done her thing.

The little pill has gone in there FOUR times today (on the QT) and emerges, beaming, to announce, “I go potty, Mommy!” (Which I knew was the truth because I was outside the bathroom eavesdropping from the hallway!)

Not sure what I think about this. Hygiene aside, is this cool, or is this some streak of independence trying to assert itself?

Hopefully she just has stage fright or something when I’m crouching there acting my part of “toilet coach”! Cause we can sit there and sit there and nothing happens!

4 thoughts on “A Little Training Update”

  1. hmm I personally think this is a good thing, maybe it’s clicked with her that this is what she should be doing. Little children love to be able to do things themselves.

  2. Hate to jinx this whole thing, but I think…she’s over the hump! She’s got it down, and even let me in on it twice! So that’s around 10 successes today!


  3. HEhehe, this is the kind of independence you want! (but I do see your concern of if she is kinda “rubbing it in your face” so to speak. But since she hasn’t had you hanging over her when she goes in a diaper, i see no reason to think she isnt pee shy when you hang over her at the potty.

    yay for all those successes… I will note that my oldest later went through a stint of true rebellion where he wouldn’t go when he needed to, and we nipped that in the bud after the first “accident”. When I knew he could tell he had to go and go by himself, then he got introuble for not doing so, especially if i had reminded him. But that only happened once or twice. He was totally “accident” free by 18 months.

    Cant wait to do the second baby, i think she will be even easier and earlier.

    Mrs Meg Logan

  4. Wow, that is wonderful that you can train them so early…what a savings in diapers! I saw also, on your blog that you make your own diapers…which is pretty admirable.
    I was excited last night when toddler woke up twice during the night needing to go and actually went when I took her!
    The things we mommies get excited about, huh!? :O)

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