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Just a little chat about chicken pox…

My week started with thunderstorms taking out our computer modem, and ended with one miserable two year old dotted with chicken pox. Through it all, I’ve learned that HP’s technical support beats Staples’ 800-number system hands down and that pretty much every over the counter anti-itch potion is too harsh for a toddler’s skin!


Toddler is our first child to never be vaccinated. For anything. And even with my two older children, I opted not to vaccinate for chicken pox. My medical doctor even advised me not to, saying the vaccine was basically peace of mind for working moms who couldn’t afford to take a week off to nurse sick children. And one week can morph into two or three if all the kiddos end up catching the disease. My chiropractor, who believes in going vax-free, told me that what most of the American public doesn’t realize about the chicken pox vaccine is that these kids will need to be revaccinated as adults and if they forget, they are in for a life-threatening case of chicken pox.

Anyway, I didn’t get on here to argue the pros of not vaccinating.

What I really crave are “been there done that” great tips on getting through this junk? I’d classify toddler’s case as just shy of “raging”…last night I was up all night with her while dh went on a midnight run to the nearest open store (thirty minutes away) to get more Calamine lotion, Claritin allergy for toddlers and Curious George band-aids (isn’t he the best daddy? And no, we don’t cover every sore with a band-aid…). I’m so thankful we’re done with the toilet training, b/c the pull-up I had her in for night-time was really chafing her sores. And she really doesn’t need a pull-up at night; she wakes up half a dozen times during the night to go to the bathroom (all false alarms for the most part, ugh) anyway. So she’s completely in cloth training pants now, thanks to CP.


We’re going to do an Aveeno bath soon and re-apply the Calamine. I hate to give the Claritin unless she just can’t sleep at night without it. Any tips and all prayers are greatly appreciated!