Cooking and Food Family Ties

Slow Down

We eat every meal together and at the table. Honestly. And no, I wasn’t raised that way. Growing up, the dining table was my busy father’s desk…unless company was coming.

There’s just nothing better than a table simply graced with my homespun plaid tablecloth, and whatever simple centerpiece I can lay my hands on. Yankee candles are nice! Flowers? Even better. ‘Specially if they’re in a mason jar!

Pet peeves? Paper plates. Okay, they are handy, but too utilitarian. I have my white Corelle for everyday, my flowered china for “special occasions” and my southwest Frankoma for Mexican foods.  And my blue and yellow Target butterfly plates for lunches with my darlin’s.

Have you ever been guilty of not using things because they could possibly get broken? (Like the special china that’s only for company…) Face it, we could die tomorrow. Live for today. Get out the china and celebrate…the first day of the month! Or do it just to be festive. Light the candles and eat like pioneers.

Leave the Christmas decor up through January.

And visit this site to find out the new trend in food…slow food. Yeah, the opposite of fast food. It’s pretty neat actually. What is slow food? It’s a “reference to living an unhurried life, beginning at the table”…

Sounds good to me.