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Things I’ve Learned Thanks to Chicken Pox

Is your nose walking? According to Morrise the Moose, it’s walking, not running, if you only have a little head cold vs a big one! 

That Morris the Moose was a childhood favorite of mine…I’d forgotten, till some old books loaned by a friend brought it all back.

That cream cheese and jelly sandwiches (peach jam, to be exact) are delicious! (Recipe triggered by Morris the Moose Goes to School)

That Chicken Pox is a derrivative of Strep. Interesting. And that many cancers are thought to be caused by infections that never got caught and were left to fester into problems. Strep and Staph infections being two of the biggest contributors. Does anyone here use Congoplex? (A Standard Process supplement that’s great for Strep infections)

That your child’s case of au natural chicken pox should be documented by your doctor or nurse. Yes. Otherwise, if for some reason you ever have to enroll them in school, they’ll have to have the vaccine whether they need it or not.

That I have some of the best friends in the world. (Well, I already knew that!) Remember the one who didn’t mind me exposing her toddler to chicken pox? Well, that little one now has the pox. And my friend is grateful. Hehe. We non-vaccinators are weird that way. Rather expose them to it while they’re young and get it over with. Unless we’re talking Diptheria or Hepatitus. Ugh.

And my other friend, who is slightly more afraid of exposure, nontheless gave me a backpack full of fun kid books to alleviate the boredom. (Thus the Morris books).

Oh yeah, I’m now on kid #2 with the chicken pox. And she’s got it worse than my toddler did. Could be because she’s six years old. Miserable stuff.

Anyone have any childhood memories of chicken pox? Feel free to share them!