My Little Trooper

My 6 year old is so speckled, she’d make a good health clinic poster…you know, the ones that nurses refer to when trying to scare you into vaccinating?

Scary thing is, my little girl has a chicken pock on her eye ball. Yeah. I called the hospital yesterday, and got a clueless nurse. She was no help. Googled the problem, and got advised to contact the eye doctor…before the eye was damaged! (Thanks a lot, nurse!) But, and I’m not lol here, the optometrist’s answering machine told me to call the hospital in case of emergency.  So I called the eye doc at home and left a message. Haven’t heard back. So it must not be that serious. (Here’s hoping!)

But what I really wanted to share was how strong this little gal is. First, she’s always seemed the frailest of our three. Where my first and last children have been off the growth charts for height and in the 90th percentile for weight, this middle daughter has been average, or below. She was a full 2-2.5 lbs lighter at birth, and to this day, hardly eats a thing. (My other two like eating way too much!)

She’s tough for such a lightweight. When getting several vials of blood drawn a while back to determine the cause of what ended up being a kidney infection, she watched the whole process without batting an eye. And this after being unsuccessfully poked 3 times by a nurse with the shakes! Even more incredible, she picks the worst of these times to crack a joke, or play peek-a-boo with toddler. (Wish my coping mechanisms were this courageous!)

Two nights ago, at midnight, I was up with her yet again for more swabbing with Calamine and I ended up pulling the hide-a-bed out so 6 yo could cuddle with me without worrying about waking up toddler (toddler still sleeps in a crib in our master bedroom). So when bedtime rolled around last night, 6 yo requested another night on the hide-a-bed, and I put her off, saying maybe after Mommy and Daddy went to bed. Well, dh and I were still watching a movie at 11:45 P.M. when she stumbles out of her room crying.

“When are you going to go to bed? I’ve been waiting and waiting, and I want to go to sleep so bad…” She was a basketcase, feverish and in an itching frenzy. I felt horrible!

“Have you been in there this whole time–“ I put her to bed at eight-thirty–“waiting till I came to get you to sleep with me?”

She was crying so hard, poor little thing. She never loses it like that. Needless to say, we promptly pulled out the bed, reapplied Calamine, administered Tylenol, and called it a night. Even then I had to rub her back (where the worst of the pox are) before the worst of the itching subsided. Yeah, it should have gotten worse, but thank God it didn’t.

And thank God, she slept the whole night after that. I think her eye is going to be all right as well.

And you’re all so glad you vaccinated!

7 thoughts on “My Little Trooper”

  1. ouch poor thing! We don’t have vaccinations against chicken pox here just measles, mumps, rubella, whopping cough, typhoid and some others I can’t remember lol

  2. I’m sorry she’s so miserable. No, one here has had chicken pox (me included) but we can hardly stand mosquito bites! I’m saying a prayer now!

  3. Thank you so much, especially for praying! I think her eye is okay. The eye doctor said as long as it wasn’t on her cornea she’d probably be fine. Most likely, in his opinion, it’s probably a reaction to a pock on her lower eyelid. Whew! She had a much better day today!

  4. I had chicken pox as a kid, but not that severe– it’s interesting how different people take to it. They say that my mother has a natural immunity– since she’s never had them, but went through all of us having them.

    BTW – that’s not the way to do “Google Analytics!” You’re either going to have to edit your theme to put it at the bottom or find some tags to wrap around it, because I don’t think that you’ll find that you’re getting any stats. Let me know if you need my assistance! 🙂

  5. Yeah, you know, I did it really quick after Meg mentioned it, and realized I didn’t do it right! Haven’t messed with it since! I’ll take any assistance you want to dish out! ;o) Thanks!

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