Up to my elbows in pears…and migraines.

Well, nearly my elbows. Five hours of pears, two pies, several pints of pearsauce later…oh, and a pan of oatmeal bars for dh…you get the picture.

It was a really sweet picture by the way. My two older daughters were such a great help. We peeled, cored, and chopped till our hands were brown (why do pears do this?) and pear juice was pretty much…everywhere! I asked at the beginning if I should put on some background music and my oldest said, “No, let’s just talk.” (Warm fuzzies anyone?)

I let them both make their own batch of pie pastry, which just tickled them to pieces, because they knew they’d each have a big hunk of dough leftover to create special little treats…out came the cinnamon-sugar, the sprinkles, the miniature heart-shaped pans…the powdered sugar/milk icing…

By the way, if you want a delicious recipe for pear pie, Taste of Home has a great one: Fall Pear Pie. These pies are plumped up with 8 cups of pears (we used ten cups each pie). If you try this recipe, add a dash of cloves or allspice…mmm, yummy! That was Wednesday.

Yesterday afternoon, I had my first migraine in months. Migraines just kill me off for several hours, and this one lasted from 5 P.M.-3 A.M. Nausea, vomiting…misery–all headache induced. My girls were heroic. Hubby had to work late, and they kept toddler happy, made cookies (yeah, guess we didn’t have enough sweets in the house. Rolling my eyes.), made supper (scrambled eggs, apple slices and green beans anyone?) and kept me supplied with cold wet washcloths and sweetness in the form of homemade cards and kisses.

Then my hubby, wonderful man, arrived home to a worthless wife retching on the hide-a-bed (into a bucket–not on the couch! You wondered didn’t you?) covered up with several of our warmest blankets…he built up the roaring-est fire in the fireplace and got everyone put to bed, kept shushing them. He’s so thoughtful, making sure the lights were out or dimmed and that everyone tip-toed around me…he truly hurts when I hurt.

So that’s what’s been going on around here the past day and a half…