Written By An Eight Year Old

Below you’ll find my oldest’s first poem written on November 2nd, 2006.

I called her to dinner the other night, and she begged for me to hold the meal a couple minutes. Not long after, she came in brandishing the first half of this poem. It had suddenly come to her and she had to jot it down before she forgot. After dinner, she finished it.

Seems she’s full of new songs lately…it’s pretty sweet. She turns nine on Monday.

My Great Lord

I wish I may, Oh God I pray

To see my need through every day!

I love you Lord with all my heart,

You see my need from day to dark!

Oh Lord, you made the great sea blue,

Oh Lord, oh Lord, I really love you!

You see the things I do each day,

Oh Lord you always hear me pray!

Oh Lord you love me, I know you do,

Oh Lord, oh Lord, I love you too!