Homemakers, Be Encouraged

I’ve discovered a sweet and encouraging blog…full of beautiful pictures and Godly wisdom all from an older wife and mother. Lady Lydia writes for the Ladies Against Feminism website, so maybe you’re already familiar with her blog, Home Living Helper.

I’ve added it to my blogroll, and my hope is that you will go there and be blessed! Today she posted on the “power of one” and titled it, Making Judges Obey the Law

3 thoughts on “Homemakers, Be Encouraged”

  1. Thanks for the comment over Daily Blog Tips.

    All the best with your blog and I hope we keep the conversation going!

  2. You’re welcome envec69! I really enjoyed your blog…thank you for the nice comment!

    Dear Ann, you have no choice…and I cannot imagine that. I can imagine it from a financial perspective, but not from yours, living in a country that won’t allow you to stay home. You are still a homemaker though, and I hope you find that you leave that site encouraged not discouraged. It’s very uplifting…no tearing down of career women that I’ve seen, only help for those that want to not feel so alone or overwhelmed by their choice to stay at home. Hugs, Mary

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