Preschooler Fishing Snack

What do you get when you serve stick pretzels and goldfish crackers on a plate alongside a dollop of peanut butter? A great fishing snack for preschoolers!

How it works: have them dip the pretzel into the peanut butter, then try to “catch” a fish cracker with it. We’ve enjoyed this snack for 9 years now. It’s been so long I can’t remember where I got the idea…probably out of a Family Fun magazine.

Thought I’d share it for those of you involved in playgroups, Awana Cubbies, or just for a change at mid-afternoon snacktime.

What kinds of fun snacks do your kids play around with?

9 thoughts on “Preschooler Fishing Snack”

  1. Well, you didn’t get it from me, honey! What a neat idea. It reminded me of the picture I saw of blue jello with fish shaped snack crackers swimming in it. They must have been added when the jello was almost set. People do fascinating “kid” things with food.

  2. It is a yummy blend of flavors… πŸ™‚

    Mom, I’ve made blue jello with weird gummy sea creatures from a bulk candy store…octupus, fish, etc. I let it set up in clear plastic cups for the Cubbies when we were studying the days of creation in Awana.

  3. Have at it, Gina! It’s fun, if nothing else. Two of my children like it, the other one would rather dip her pretzels in almond bark!

    Happy Easter to you too, Jen! Thanks for stopping by!

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