Healthy Salad Making Tips

Tossed salad is a favorite around here…and I’m known for “lawn-mower” chopped-fine veggies in mine. My first tip: Don’t rely on iceburg lettuce for any nutrients, it has none. If you’re going to make salad, go for Romaine (I get Romaine hearts at Aldi’s and they are so delicious, I usually eat a leaf or two in the washing process!). Did you know that Romaine is one of the highest vegetable sources of beta-carotene? I also add Red Leaf lettuce and some fresh spinach (powerful antioxidant-rich source) if I have it…mmm!

Next thing to know: wash your vegetables! Yes, we all do this, but I recently learned that tap water is not enough! To really get the potentially harmful bacterias and pesticides, I use Grape Seed Extract (GSE)–25-30 drops in a sinkful of cold water. You can probably buy this at your local health food store, it’s pretty popular stuff.

Here is what makes up my favorite salad:

For color:

  • shredded carrots
  • minutely diced radishes (most people love this taste when it’s not overpowering)
  • just enough red onion for “zing”, again “lawn-mower” fine…
  • occasionally, I also dice raw summer squash…such a pretty yellow, and surprisingly tasty when mixed with greens!
  • halved grape tomatoes
  • cauliflower florets (me and oldest dd’s favorite veggie!)

For added taste:

  • cucumbers–I dice mine in fourths
  • green onion (I prefer this over red onion and never use both)
  • avacado (MY FAVORITE addition to salad!)
  • celery, diced fine (I mean diced, not thinly sliced…my family is not big on celery unless it’s slathered with peanut butter!)
  • broccoli florets

Then, in separate dishes for toppers:

  • grated Monterey Jack cheese
  • sliced black olives
  • salted peanuts

Adding salted peanuts to salad was my Grandma’s great idea…it’s a sad day when we don’t have peanuts on hand in this house!

My favorite dressing? Lemon juice sprinkled on my serving! My mouth is watering…now if I could just wean my family off of Catalina and Ranch!

Of course, thanks goes to my mom, the queen of all salad tossers who taught me well!