My 7 Minute Devotion

Was that pixy-like voice completing sentences across the phone really my toddler’s? Being her primary caregiver (read full-time mommy) 24/7 I hadn’t realized how I’d taken her for granted till I called home this past weekend from the hotel to send her good night hugs and kisses. I’d never heard her via the phone lines, and what a shock, to realize all at once how grown up she sounded and how much I’m losing in everyday translation.

It made me wonder at God’s joy when He hears from a long-lost believer~one who’s been busily doing what he felt was the Lord’s business but hadn’t made time to daily connect with God on an intimate level. What’s that saying about horizontal relationships keeping us too busy for that most important vertical relationship? What joy we miss when we seek for fulfillment in the wrong places.

Delight yourself also in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

At the writer’s conference I attended this past weekend, we were challenged to write a 7 minute devotion having to do with either family, laundry, a man’s tool box, computers, scripture, shopping or a song title as our theme. The above~ my attempt. As you can see, I was missing my baby!