Homemade Yogurt Recipe–It’s So Good For You

Holly at Seeking Faithfulness has shared a simple-sounding homemade yogurt recipe! This is very good news…we love vanilla yogurt fruit parfaits…topped with granola if I have it. Yum.

Besides being a great source of protein, calcium, riboflavMother Helps Her Daughter Stir the Puddingin and vitamin B12, yogurt helps boost the immune system by multiplying the good bacteria in your stomach.

In addition, I found this article about the probiotic benefits found in yogurt that said:

“Pediatric studies found that probiotics aids in a significantly decreasing the rate of acute diarrhea and rotavirus shedding. Parents also reported a 25% decrease in diaper rash among babies drinking formula containing probiotics.”

Go yogurt!

Have you ever used yogurt in the following ways?

  • as a fruit dip
  • by substituting plain yogurt for sour cream in recipes
  • using yogurt instead of ice cream to create smoothies instead of shakes

What say you?

16 thoughts on “Homemade Yogurt Recipe–It’s So Good For You”

  1. btw when my oldest son was born with thrush in his mouth as a baby the only remedy to get rid of it was acidopholus yoghurt!

  2. That’s great to know about the thrush remedy! You know, I don’t know many people here in the states with yogurt makers…my sisters and I bought our mom a nice one we saw in a catalog. I’ve never checked Wal-Mart, maybe I should.

    Funny that you New Zealanders spell it differently! 🙂

  3. Have you ever used yogurt in the following ways?

    * as a fruit dip
    * by substituting plain yogurt for sour cream in recipes
    * using yogurt instead of ice cream to create smoothies instead of shakes

    Yes, yes, yes.

  4. We love yogurt around our house too, but have never made it from scratch. Will have to check out the recipe!. When I was growing up, we always had a bowl of granola with yogurt on top. We loved it during the summer before we went to swim lessons! Now, if I had thought about it I could have told McDonald’s….

  5. Exactly! You’d be famous! That’s my favorite thing at McDonald’s…their yogurt parfaits… The recipe surprised me in its simplicity!

  6. remind me to give you my recipe–it’s even easier than that one. 3 yesses, and more. One of our faves is to blend frozen fruit & yogurt to make into popcicles. Yummy! And now it’s finally popcicle weather!

  7. I would love an even simpler recipe. WOW! 🙂

    And Jessica is right – homemade yogurt pops are the best! You actually know they are good for your kids! 🙂

    Thanks so much, Mary.

  8. Jessica! Thanks for that super tip! Yum, can’t wait to try it, and be sure to let me know when you’ve posted your yogurt recipe!

    Thank YOU, Holly! 😉

  9. Lactobacillus Acidophilus is a great bacteria to treat yeast infections and oral thrush. Amy’s young child is proof of this. I love the scripture on the header as well.

  10. Thanks, Sarah, I’m so glad you found this site and commented. 🙂 Welcome, and I hope you come back often!

    I remember when I was little and happened to be on antibiotic (rarely!), my mother always gave me yogurt with active cultures in it, and dh’s mom always gave her kids acidophilus supplements while on antibiotics…both to help replace the good bacteria that the antibiotic was killing right along with the bad. I’ve always wondered, in this day and age of over prescribing antibiotics, why pediatrician’s discontinued their former advice of giving these things along with antibiotics.

  11. Hi there! I just now found this article (a little late to the party!) and unfortunately, the linked yogurt recipe leads to a “404- Not Found” error. I’ll search around some more for it but thought you may want to know so you can update that link.

    I love how you are preaching the benefits of the probiotics in yogurt, though – I’m a big fan, myself! I have it every day, and try to find a good compromise between taste and sugars/calories (some brands are overloaded with sugars, and I personally don’t handle artificial sweeteners too well).

    Regardless… keep up the good work!

    Tee’s last blog post..Don’t Worry, Yogurt Is Still Good for You!

  12. Tee, I am so glad you commented on this, I am on my way over to read your yogurt post. You are right, there are SO many brands…to know which ones are “safe”…would be a very good thing!

    Thanks for the head’s up on the link, I’ll try to get it fixed!

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