Beautiful Writing Studio

Someday…that’s what I think when I see writing offices such as this one of Deborah Raney’s. Magazine pretty. It helps to know she started out hand-writing her novels, progressed to using a Mac at her kitchen table (yes, even putting it away each night so supper could fill the table instead)…that’s commitment, and I’m so happy that this a gem of a lady now has such well-suited surroundings.

You really need to go take a look. My favorite part? That four-sided rolling cabinet with chalkboard, storage, and a bulletin board…wonder where she found that?

What I really want to know: is her storyboard for the characters in her upcoming release of Leaving November?

I’m currently typing away in a corner of my LR, sandwiched between the piano and a bookcase of homeschooling textbooks. I have one shelf devoted to books on writing but due to lack of space most of my “stuff” is kept filed in my computer. My hubby has drawn up grand plans for a desk with many cubbyholes and shelves, one that will perfectly fit this only available corner of our home! Someday…he’ll have time to build it!

Where does your computer reside, and what is it that you wish for in a future office?