A Grandparent’s Legacy

GenerationsGrandparents are so important!

Recently my mom and dad had my oldest daughter and two other nieces of mine over to spend two days and one night. Mom taught the girls how to crochet, they had Bible studies, played games and put together rather elaborate family history “trees”. My dad also took the girls on a long traipse through the farmland and pastures, pointing out places of significance, such as the spot where he proposed to my mom…where the long, lowing of a nearby cow interrupted their engagement kiss.

Have you ever stopped to think about the ones in your past who perhaps were praying for you every day of your life? My grandparents did this, and now my parents do also. What’s more, I found out several years ago that my uncle and aunt also pray for each of us by name on a daily basis.

What a gift, people! Are we even doing this for our own children to any great lengths each day? Prayer impacts lives, changes hearts, influences national direction.

Please share something in comments that your parents or grandparents have invested in you or your children that is having lasting impact. These things need to be praised, and so often our generation accepts them as our due. I think many times the older generations are left feeling expendable when we should be making them feel cherished. Busy schedules shouldn’t dictate to the point of missing out on these precious last years of our parents’ and grandparents’ lives.

As for me, thank you Dad and Mom for the legacy you’ve given me, and continue to give my children. There are no words to express my heart. I love you very much!