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A wonderful woman and mentor-friend of ours is very close to death…she’s been fighting brain cancer since February, and though the tumor has not grown, she’s suddenly contracted a viral or fungal infection in her lungs and she’s too weak to hang on.

Please pray for a miracle and that God will hold her family close during this time. Her name is Gail, she’s a wife, a mother of six and only in her early 50’s. An extremely precious woman to all who know her.

You can read about her at their update blog.

Here’s a heart-jerking excerpt from their blog post today:

This morning, Dad called for Kate and the rest of the boys (Jonathan, Scott, and Will) to come see Mom. (At this juncture it is hard to tell how much more time she has but at the rate she has been going, it may just be a day, or two, or three left). So, all 8 of us gathered in Mom’s little ICU room and had the most tearful, precious hour together just praising her for who she is and how she has let God work in her life and in the lives of us. With tears in her eyes she told all us kids who were gathered around her bed that her only word of admonition for us was to continue loving the Lord with all our hearts and to follow Him no matter what and that she loved us. She then asked if we had any words for her. Each one of us kids shared a little something that the Lord had put on our hearts to tell her. My word was…”Mom, several days ago you told us that your favorite verse in the Bible is, ‘Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart’. Your life has been all about delighting yourself in the Lord, and now the Lord has given you the desires of your heart – that all your children come to know the Lord and live for Him. Mom, your life verse has come true.” Then some of the other kids shared other verses of comfort about trusting the Lord and His will even if it’s hard. So, as you can tell, it was an emotionally-stirring time together knowing that unless something miraculous occurs soon, Mom’s time on earth here is drawing shorter by the hour.”

Thank you for your prayers on their behalf.

8 thoughts on “Please Pray”

  1. Dear Mary Im praying
    I pray that God will hold her family close during this time. That God will be with all who know her including you my dear friend
    I pray that God maybe especially with Gail.
    big hugs

  2. Mary, i just found this site. i will enjoy checking on what new things you have posted! It was so good to get a good report on Gail this morning.

  3. Thanks so much Jen for praying! This morning, miracles are happening…Praising God that Gail is feeling better, they’ve lowered her supplemental oxygen, she is “brushing her teeth and munching on cheerios” to quote her husband. What a huge answer to prayer, and I was so hoping for that when I opened up their site this morning! Woo-hoo! Had to call several people and let them know immediately.

    Jackie, I’m so glad you followed my site link. I’d forgotten the Xanga password, and decided since it now allowed “anonymous users” to comment, I’d stick this site addy in there. I hope you visit often, I’d love the interaction with you!

  4. I pray for a peace for this precious family whether the Lord takes her home or heals her completely. How difficult for her husband and children.

    Prayer said.

  5. Mary I am praying for your friend Gail. As I read their blog my heart broke, yet I praised God for His goodness in giving them peace and comfort. As I type this I am sitting with my mom who is recovering from her brain surgery. How difficult it would be for us to understand these things without knowing WHO is in control.

  6. Amy, bless you for putting her on your prayer chain, that is MORE than okay. Thank you so much. The effective, fervent prayer of saints availeth much, and it is making a difference. I just read today’s blog over there, and she’s back to being in a fragile state. Seems like things change on an hourly basis there, but God is good to give them grace and peace, and more time…

    Elizabeth, thank you for taking time to visit their blog and to let me know you are praying. It’s exciting to be able to pray, isn’t it? Does your mom also have a brain tumor? I’m so sorry b/c I can’t imagine having to be with someone you love so much who is in so much discomfort. I’m right now going to pray for you and your family, and your mom’s full recovery. And for joy in the process. ((hugs))

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