Email Accounts and Flash Drives

At the last writer’s conference I attended, Deb Raney shared that sometimes, as an extra precaution, she emails herself her latest book chapters. This way they’re backed up in more than one spot.

If you have a web-based email service like gmail or yahoo, this works great. Even if your computer crashes, you still have your WIP available from another computer. Flash drives aren’t eternal, and nothing is failsafe, so this is a great option. Plus, it’s free.

So I spent some time last night and set up an email account just for my writing. Got all the important stuff nicely organized by chapters and notes. Now I just have to remember to login to that account every 4 months so it’s not all deleted!

I saved everything to a flash drive a few months ago, but the revisions are going so well I decided it was time to update all my saves and take Deb’s great advice.

My trilogy update: I’ve got two completed books in various stages of editing and a third that’s shelved for the time being. I “label” them as women’s fiction, because though there is strong element of romance, they all deal with a variety of difficult issues from health to loss to alcoholism to marriage and divorce. They’re Christian contemporary and all set in the mid-west.