Carnival of Modesty

Check out Home-steeped Hope on August 9th, when I’ll host the second edition of the Carnival of Modesty, a carnival maintained by MInTheGap.

“This Carnival is for posts that talk about modesty in daily living. We want to highlight those that give good resources, and promote the discussion of modesty in the current culture.” ~taken from’s description of this carnival

There are 5 categories:

  • What is Modest
  • Modest Resources
  • My Story
  • Why Dress Modestly
  • Other

Submission deadline is the first Friday of the month, this month that falls on August 3rd! Follow this link to participate, and check back here on August 9th for some inspiring reading…and you just never know, you may discover some new favorite blogs. I know I did!

You can check out July’s Carnival of Modesty at Space Between My Peers.