Carnival of Modesty

Check out Home-steeped Hope on August 9th, when I’ll host the second edition of the Carnival of Modesty, a carnival maintained by MInTheGap.

“This Carnival is for posts that talk about modesty in daily living. We want to highlight those that give good resources, and promote the discussion of modesty in the current culture.” ~taken from’s description of this carnival

There are 5 categories:

  • What is Modest
  • Modest Resources
  • My Story
  • Why Dress Modestly
  • Other

Submission deadline is the first Friday of the month, this month that falls on August 3rd! Follow this link to participate, and check back here on August 9th for some inspiring reading…and you just never know, you may discover some new favorite blogs. I know I did!

You can check out July’s Carnival of Modesty at Space Between My Peers.

7 thoughts on “Carnival of Modesty”

  1. Your ‘modesty’ thoughts remind me of the comments and very apt thoughts of a nationally known teen leader years ago (can’t think of his name now).

    But his comment, though geared to teens (and so true), applies to us as adult women also. He said:

    “You dress like you think…..and you act like you dress.” That is rather enigmatic but you see it working out wherever you go. People seem to be more comfortable in jeans but should comfort be put before respect for God? I think dressing appropriately makes me ‘feel pretty’ and when I ‘feel pretty’, I tend to act in accordance. “Do all things (even dress and act) to the glory of God.”

  2. Excellent point. Even here at home, I feel more gracious and patient (more like a godly mother/wife) when I’ve got a skirt on, and more like baking when I slip an apron on. There is definitely an inner nudge in the right direction when we dress accordingly. And church, of all places, should be top on the list. I liked the verse you shared, it sums it up nicely!

  3. I agree…what a great idea to start! Hopefully it starts catching on in the world! I can’t even turn on the TV without wanting to cover DH’s eyes since even on the regular channels there is “smut”-lol my Dad’s terminology. I’ve even considered cancelling our satellite but if only I could do that and only keep Kyle’s “Treehouse TV” with his TV shows. That is really the only channel that is ever on (other that DH with his hockey). Although I am hoping now that I can find LHOTP!

  4. Thanks for the additional thoughts on modesty, you guys! I’m not sure if the carnival of modesty is still out there, I haven’t heard MInTheGap mention it in a while.

    Hope you can find LHOTP! It was such a great series…have you checked ebay?

  5. LOL I’ve been meaning to all day, but since LO is sick haven’t had a chance yet. I’m really bad though…once I log in to my eBay account I start looking at looking at everything!

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