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Fun Ideas for Kid’s Rooms

When I was a kid, a room of my own with a bed sufficed. I began stamping my individuality upon my room in the fifth grade when I appropriated my big sister’s pastel, water-garden comforter (hey, she’d left for college) and asked my mom if we could get curtains to match. Somehow we ended up going with lace curtains. Hot pink ones. Mmm-hm.

Nowadays, even moms on a budget try to spin fantasy bedrooms from fairy-tale nurseries to princess-garden rooms with loft-bed-castles to camp-themed rooms with camouflage curtains and real tents to play in.

I enjoy the kid room makeover sections in the Family Fun magazines. Their website even has several great ideas. I thought I’d share a few here:

  • use an overhead projector to assist you in painting a mural on one wall of your child’s room
  • make a clothesline art display–I like their idea, but personally, I’m picturing wide grosgrain ribbons in contrasting patterns, back to back, swagged and attached to hooks, and then clothes-pinning the artwork directly to the ribbon.
  • I loved the “dirt on display” idea, wish I’d thought to collect some South Dakota dirt to remember our recent camping trip there! (Though it probably would have been against the state park regulations!)
  • What little girl doesn’t dream of fancy draperies framing her bedsides. Check out streamer bed curtains! Cheap and easy!
  • Paint a chalkboard mural on the wall. This is amazing. Did you know chalkboard paint comes in many colors? Wow. My kids would love this.
  • You know how popular “Wallies” are? Make your own using discarded wallpaper books and cutting out the images you so desire. Family Fun shows you how, using Fairy Wallpaper Cutouts.

My girls’ room is still looking good having just been painted a year ago. Sea Foam Green with cream-colored trim and matching Roman shades. I have yet to decide whether to go with a border, or cutouts, or what curtain style we’ll go with. It’s safe to say it won’t be hot pink lace.

Humor me and tell me about the rooms of your little ones. Take me on a tour.

I’m waiting.