Happy Anniversary to Me (Wedding Pictures!)

Today is my 14th wedding anniversary! (And 32nd birthday…) So long ago! Before dh’s hair thinned and when mine was gray-free. We were married in my grandparent’s small country Baptist church by my dad. This picture was taken before the afternoon ceremony. I remember being worried that my intended wouldn’t be able to make it. […]

Today is my 14th wedding anniversary! (And 32nd birthday…)bridegroom1.jpg

So long ago! Before dh’s hair thinned and when mine was gray-free. We were married in my grandparent’s small country Baptist church by my dad. This picture was taken before the afternoon ceremony.

I remember being worried that my intended wouldn’t be able to make it. July of ’93 was the summer of the huge flooding, and our future home, where he was staying, was surrounded by water. He reassured me that he’d take a boat, or ride horseback but he wouldn’t miss out on our wedding day!

Friday while we decorated the church, and all Saturday morning, I couldn’t get the oldie Chapel of Love by the Dixie Cups out of my head…

Spring is here
The sky is blue
Birds all sing
As if they knew
Today’s the day
We’ll say I do
And we’ll never be lonely anymore
Because we’re

Goin’ to the chapel and we’re
Gonna get married
Goin’ to the chapel and we’re weddingtrain.jpg
Gonna get married
Gee, I really love you and we’re
Gonna get married
Goin’ to the chapel of love

Finally two o’clock arrived. It’s not Princess Diana’s, but check out that train… bridegroom2.jpg

Now check out this couple, and chalk the cheesey smile to my poor cheeks hurting sooo bad! Couldn’t stop smiling all day!

The basement of the church was flooded, so we had to change our reception plans at the last mibridemaidofhonor.jpgnute and head over to another church to celebrate.

This is me and my maid of honor and best friend, Teresa, who sometimes comments here…we girls crushed into the front seat of my husband’s truck for the ride to the reception.

Can you tell it was the happiest day of my life?

I just love wedding pics. If it doesn’t infringe on your privacy, if you’re married and have a blog, I’d love to see a wedding picture of you and your honey. Just think of it as a “Happy Birthday to Mary” present. And for my non-blogging friends, I’d take one via email too… 🙂

You know, it could be the most fun meme yet!

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Happy Anniversary AND birthday dear sister!! I realized it yesterday (Troy’s birthday) and that I couldn’t get a card to you in time…I think you’ve seen my wedding pictures, oh yeah, I brought a whole book of ’em when I visited you!
Hope your day is just splendid! You were a gorgeous bride! (And you’re still lovely to this day!)

happy anniversary! yep I sympathise with you here, I dye my hair to cover the grays, I tell you at 36 I’m too young to be almost covered with them!

Thanks, Ann! If you click on the picture, it opens up somewhat bigger.

Hugs, Jana! I remember all of us sitting on my bed watching your home videos too. We had some great times! Hope Troy had a good birthday!

Amy,YOU’re too young for gray hair? At least you’re 4 years older than me. I started getting them a couple years ago. 🙂 Lol.

Thanks everyone for the happy wishes!

Oops, Ann, the one I clicked on was the double headshot, it will enlarge b/c I forgot and left it linked to a file when I uploaded it. The others I didn’t link. Sorry!

Happy Anniversary, I hope you enjoyed your special day with your hubby. I just love those pictures! My parents celebrated 36 years just the day before you. Summer must be a great time to get married!

Well, honey, Before I gave birth to you, our Heavenly Father knew you when He was forming you in my womb. That is awesome to me. Our Omniscient God!!! But before any other human knew you, I held you in my arms and lost my heart to you. It’s been 32 wonderful years for me. I was 40 the week after you were born. And when your dh appeared in your life, we knew that God’s faithfulness was at work. I feel so strongly that all your blogging friends should make a commitment to be praying daily and wisely for the mate each child will meet down the road. Your Dad and I pray for each of our grandchildren in that way. That is our main prayer request as we move along through life. So Happy Birthday, Mary! And thanks for letting us have Bible study that day and that good lunch with you. Your chicken salad casserole was wonderful. Now that you’re in your 15th year of marriage, we pray for a shower of God’s priceless
blessings for both of you. Mom


Beautiful wedding pictures. You two look so happy together, sweet young love. Ahhh….hee.

Sadly I don’t have one wedding picture to share. I didn’t even have a wedding dress, just a nice dress that made me look pretty bad.

Happy Birthday and Congratulations from Mrs.Minthegap! That is really impressive 14 years and you are so young. I got married at 19 so I now have a role model;)(I have 7 years to learn from you). Haha

Happy Birthday – congratulations!!!! I remember that day.. i can’t believe you let me wear my hair like that :)…and I still have the beautiful jewelry box that you gave me as a gift.

I am so thankful that you have such a wonderful husband in your life, and I pray for many, many more years of marriage.. and maybe more kids?? 🙂

Dear friends!!! You bring me to tears, so many wonderful well wishers, more than I dreamed would even come this way and discover this post! Thank you all so incredibly much. 🙂

Jen! Long time no see, I know you’re as busy as I am lately, thanks for stopping by!

Colleen, yes, summer weddings are popular (for a reason!)…so you better get busy and get a building rented in advance for next summer! 😉

Mom, thank you for loving me with the best mother’s love possible. I never doubted your love for me, what a rich blessing to know you have a mother’s sacrifical, non-condemning love always at your back, and front, and sides, and in prayer. 🙂 Thank you for your part in my meeting Mr. Right. He is sooo right for me! I love ya! And I’m so glad we got to have that wonderful time together yesterday…it had been too long since the last one!

Thanks for the sweet compliments, Leticia! I can’t imagine you ever looking bad, especially in a nice dress! You and I are both in our 14th year…so cool to know we were both getting married in the summer of 1993!

MInTheGap, I appreciate the kind words. It sure doesn’t seem like 14 years, but we dug out the wedding video last night and…sigh…we’ve both changed quite a bit in 14 years. It really brought it home when we saw all the kids that are now ADULTS! Yikes… But in 7 more years, I’ll be the one congratulating you!

Mrs. MInTheGap! Our first online exchange–I wish you could have seen the smiles wreathing my face when I saw your greeting sandwiched in with the others, made my day, thank you so much for your behind the scenes influence on the Mr. I can tell you are a very precious woman, and hope to meet you someday. In real life, of course! 😉 May your next 7 years be even sweeter.

Teresa! Your hair was gorgeous! You have to forgive me for being a clueless 18 year old. We should have gone and gotten manicures, pedicures–the whole she-bang. *I* can’t believe I didn’t even paint my nails! I have the greatest memories, but honestly, those satin dresses. Wish I could pick them all over again! Lol. And I still have the wonderful Chicago Cutlery knife set, they’ve been wonderful knives…I think of you every time I use them!

Thanks again, all of you! You’re a blessing!

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