Welcome to the Carnival of Modesty

Welcome to the August 10, 2007 edition of carnival of modesty. This month’s line-up promises plenty of stimulation for our moral processing! Thank you, MInTheGap, for originating this particular carnival, and for scouting the net for so many great entries!

Modest Resources

Leticia Velasquez raves about Pure Fashion and the new trend of modesty fashion shows at A Return to Modesty posted at cause of our joy.

“This kind of talk is music to the ears of mothers, who, like myself have a beautiful teenage girl who is bursting on the social scene, dying to express her taste and decorate the lovely form God has given her. Instead of keeping her under wraps in a shapeless jumper, where she is unattractive, and feels resentful that her beauty is somehow rejected, she can dress like the girls in the Pure Fashion show above, feminine, hip, and MODEST!”

Modest Monday – Let it begin with you! posted at Purely His, says,

“One exciting way I’ve found to encourage modesty is by hosting a “Modesty Tea” or a “Modest Fashion Show,” at your home church (You can do this!).”

Kathy at brokenhomeschool.com presents Modesty is Back in Style–Thank Goodness. She calls it, “Essentially a speedlinks post.” And she’s right, it’s like a mini-carnival highlighting several great articles and resources for us modesty-seekers!

What is Modest?

My beliefs posted at PRACTiCAL CHiCK, writes,

When I buy clothing it must pass two tests: the praying test and the hallelujah test.”

And Sometimes Tea posted Skirting the Issue, saying,

“The morality of our clothing choices has to do with our intentions in wearing the clothes, not in the specifics of the garments themselves (specifically and obviously immodest garments excluded).”

Is anybody up for a style quiz? Here is a style q… posted at Christ is King!, saying,

“This Quiz will give you a good indication of what you think is modest…”

Is there such thing as a modest t-shirt? Find out at THOUGHTS FROM A KEEPER AT HOME,

“Modesty is not just covering skin. Would that it were that simple. A woman can cover her skin completely and still be very immodest. Among other things modesty is an attitude which leads to certain choices in how one acts and dresses.”

Anna Cory tackles The Perennial Question: Pants posted at Veiled Glory, saying,

“To wear or not to wear, that is the Pants question…”

Why Dress Modestly?

MInTheGap shares about the heart of modesty in What Does the Bible Say About Modesty. Using Old and New Testament examples, MInTheGap does a great job of encouraging us to Biblical modesty. I appreciated his use of the 1 Peter 3 passage, on the importance of both inner and outer beauty.

The Daily Planet – Expectations… reveals how hard it is today, to be a modestly dressed teenager. Super Angel, shares how frustrating it is, to know she’s not the only one who wants to be able to buy something off the rack without having to “re-make” it at home. Maybe if more teens went against the trends, the fashion industry would sit up and take notice. She writes,

“…because that is what everyone is wearing. They know that most teenage girls aren’t gonna go against the crowd and pick a modest dress. So they just cater these girls to what they know they will give in to.”

SEXPERT: Chastity Online, says in her post Modesty,

“Many people, like myself, when they first hear about modesty feel like it is unimportant. ‘Why should i dress any differently than my friends and every other girl out there? Guys are just going to see it anyways. And if they have a problem with the way I dress, that’s their issue to deal with.’ That whole mindset is completely absurd and selfish.”

Toward Praxis presents Males and Female Modesty.

“But when daughters are loosely dressed we can know for sure that there is incompetence on the father’s behalf. There is no leader. I don’t think ignorance plays a part here because men know what “immodest”, “seductive”, and “sexy”, look like.”

What ever happened to Holiness? Join the discussion at Everyday Life. Here’s a tid-bit to ponder:

“We, as Christians have embraced worldly ways. We are watching the same things on t.v., listening to the same secular music, laughing at the same crude jokes and dressing in immodest ways.”

Right-Wing Agenda posts After spending a day at Sea World I can see why radical Muslims want to kill us. He makes a good point in light of the skimpy coverings worn by the masses,

“As a Christian who is trying to raise his daughters to focus on God’s purpose in their lives, how am I suppose to explain to them the tendency for kids their own age to do the exact opposite of what their mom and dad are trying to teach them to do?”

The Haphazard Housewife shares her eye-opening experience in Titillating Tinkerbell?

“As I prepared to put up the appliques of Tinker Bell, I stopped short. What my eyes beheld was not the innocent little fairy I remembered from the Peter Pan I watched as a child, but an almost Marilyn-Monroe-esque little pixie – complete with cleaveage, curvy hips, and “come-hither” eyes. I also didn’t remember her being so scantily dressed.”

Why dress modestly? Part 4 presented by Unfurling Flower, says,

“It is a well-known fact that men and women are wired differently, and so from a female perspective it can be hard to fully understand the physical/visual way men are designed and the extent of lust to which they struggle.”

Anna Cory takes us on a modesty journey with The Women Formerly Known As Sexy posted at Veiled Glory. Examine her thoughts on the church, and its influence on women recently. Has it been feeding the souls, or the fragile body images of the “Daughters of the King”? Lots there!

Other great entries:

Catholic Fire reminds us in Fellas & Fashions: Skin is not in that though men may look at scantily clad women walking by, what they really appreciate is a woman whose confidence isn’t reliant on the latest fashion trends:

“Real men like real women who show respect for themselves and their bodies. To me, dresses and skirts make a woman appear more dignified and feminine. They express self-confidence and contentment with one’s sexuality. Isn’t is great to feel comfortable with the sexuality with which God has blessed you?”

Kristen presents Submission, Headcovering and the Christian Woman posted at Kristenmomof3’s Xanga, saying,

“To me the headcovering has a lot to do with modesty too…”

TherapyDoc shares that wasting time worrying over how others perceive you simply robs you of many of life’s great moments. Read The Cure for Self-Consciousness for more at Everyone Needs Therapy.

Annette Berlin of Frugal Journey encourages readers to check out Ladies Against Feminism, a wonderful site promoting stay at home motherhood, being your husband’s helpmeet, modesty, and thrift. She begins her post with:

“We all have our little secrets, and I’ve decided it’s time to confess mine. Here it goes…I’m a closet anti-feminist. It’s true, and now you know.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of modesty using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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9 thoughts on “Welcome to the Carnival of Modesty”

  1. I can’t wait to check these links out! I have a big problem with people dressing their kids immodestly.
    A lot of moms – regardless of their ideological stance – have a big problem with the over-sexualization of children.

  2. Thanks, Anna–Glad you stopped by to check it out, and thanks for submitting to it!

    Great point, Beck. I think the other side of the coin is many moms don’t think about it much…when the cutest toddler swimsuits are bikinis, etc. Swimsuits are getting smaller and smaller…and I know it doesn’t just pertain to swimsuits, that’s just what comes to my mind.

  3. I’m so excited to see modesty making a comeback. My teen daughter and I finished shopping for school clothes last year, and I have to say it was WAY easier than last year. It was nice to have some choices this year instead of nixing everything before it even got to the fitting room.

  4. I bet! Thankfully I haven’t had to “go there” with a teen daughter yet. So often my oldest is even more conservative than I am, which is a real “check” in itself.

    Glad you had success!

  5. Congratulations for a successful first ever carnival of modesty! You are a leader in this important movement. I have been inspired by you to start a carnival about Down syndrome awareness. Come on by tomorrow, and visit!

  6. I will come by, thanks for letting me know! What a great cause, Leticia.

    But it’s MInTheGap who deserves the credit for your inspiration, he started the Carnival of Modesty, I just volunteered to host it for the month of August! 😉

  7. I think in some way, you are right – and the Modesty should always pay a great deal in our life. But you never know when the “un-modest” lifestyle would bring you a surprise. Here, for example, in Ukraine, modesty is cool of course. But sometimes it’s a kind of synonym to “un-ineresting”. If the person is bright ( in the lifestyle meaning) and not so modest like others – that does not mean that it’s a nice girl.

  8. Yes, modesty might mean un-interesting to many people, I can see why it would to most people with a secular mindset. But the heart behind the one choosing to be modest, is usually pursuing something higher and more valuable than the passing frivolity the world has to offer. I might have misunderstood your comment…but I appreciated it nonetheless!

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