Pro-Life Post You Won’t Want to Miss

My friend Andrea gave birth to a baby girl today! Congratulations, Mama! We’re thrilled for you…


MInTheGap happened to write an awesome pro-life post today: Children, Pregnant Mothers and Doctor’s Know. He argues that everyone, from abortionists to young children realize that an unborn baby is not simply a blob of tissue. A snippet for you:

Feminist Jean Garton tells the moving story of her three-year-old, who wandered into her room late at night and inadvertently saw a photo of a ten-week abortion. his mother describes his reaction:

His small voice was filled with great sadness as he asked, “Who broke the baby?”

How could this small, innocent child see what so many adults cannot see? How could he know instinctively that this which many people carelessly dismiss as tissue or a blob was one in being with him, was like him? In the words of his question he gave humanity to what adults call “fetal matter”; in the tone of his question he mourned what we exalt as a sign of liberation and freedom. With a wisdom which often escapes the learned, he asked in the presence of evidence before his eyes, “Who broke the baby?”1

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MInTheGap credited the following source: Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments