My Day, Hour by Hour

7:22 A.M. Toddler stumbles into my bedroom. Rats! Overslept and I wanted to get out the door by 8 A.M. for my mom’s group. Doesn’t matter that we had a loong homeschool meeting the day/evening before, followed by errand running and a 2 hour cooking marathon followed by a really late supper with hubby and me falling in bed around midnight.

8:30 A.M. Breakfast for the kids, check. Bath for me, check. Make-up, check. Suburban loaded with lunch for us, a meal for twelve (friends recently moved back) and schoolwork for two older girls to do during my mom’s group, check, check and check!

9:15 A.M. Arrive at church. Enjoy watching the very last of the Michael Pearl DVD on Teaching Responsibility. Wow, what a great conversation erupted after that–see my post Thursday morning at Weekend Kindness.

11:30-noonish Pizza with friends! Always good.

12:30-1:30 P.M. Wash tons of veggies for a big salad. Toss it all together. Clean up church kitchen. Oldest dd scrubs 12 potatoes and I half them and add to the smothered steaks I fixed last night (ie: aforementioned cooking marathon–three 9×13 panfuls, one for us, two for others) . Clean up church kitchen again.

2:30-ish Arrive at friends’ house, food and kids in tow. Great reconnect! So glad they’re back, safe and sound!

3:15 P.M. Head home. Find hubby ripping into kitchen sink plumbing in crawl space. He’s ready to jump in Suburban and go to nearest city (30 minutes away) for plumbing supplies (and twenty feet of drain pipe).

4:30P.M. Drive through pouring rain, arrive in city, pull into Farm and Ranch supply store. Discover that toddler’s drifted off to sleep. Dh and kids head in to shop, while I babysit. Just so happens that I have a novel handy for such a moment: With This Ring, I’m Confused by Kristin Billerbeck. I spend a delightful hour (or more?) reading in the parking lot. Great book! Can’t wait to get back into it…

7 P.M. One other stop, and we’re on the road home. We stop by my in-laws to borrow a hole saw, also for the plumbing revamp. Once home, I remember that I forgot (don’t you love that?) to return the kid movies we rented last Friday for family night. They were due back today by 6 P.M. Oops.

7:30 P.M. Drop dh and kids off at home, rush to movie store. No late fees, hurray! Rush home. Dh works on plumbing till 9 P.M. Smothered steaks, potatoes, rolls and salad for supper!

And my sluggish sink drains are a thing of the past–we hope!

And if you made it this far, my hat’s off to you! Far more interesting would have been an account of Monday which we spent designing and crafting medieval costumes for a home school Castle Field day…or an account of all the fun we had on Tuesday participating in it!