Our No-TV/Movie Update

As you know, on August 31, we unplugged the drug, the television drug, that is. We moved it out of the living room, and into the master bedroom. Out of sight, out of mind, and all that jazz.

On Friday, September 7th, we rented a movie for the family, and a movie for dh and me.

Same deal on Friday, September 14th, except we checked them out at the library instead of the movie store. (Spare me the nasty-totally-toddler- innapropriate dvd covers lining the walls! Makes Netflixs look pretty appealing! Except then I think we’d be caught in the trap of: we’re paying for it, we should be making the most of it!)

By Friday, September 21, our girls had heard about the new CBS line-up of Saturday morning cartoons. They asked if they could skip Friday night movies in favor of checking out the new Strawberry Shortcake show. Sure, why not?

To be honest, my older two girls have mentioned missing the TV. I think, mostly because it kept toddler busy! But the exciting part to me, is that toddler doesn’t miss it at ALL! She didn’t even stay with the Strawberry Shortcake show, can you believe it? There is hope for TV addicted 3 year olds! (Perhaps it was more of a mama-addiction? Which is truly sad: Here, hon, we’re busy, sit and watch this video…)

Anyway…we’ve almost 4 weeks under our belt, and sticking with the plan feels very good!

Anybody else want to update?