Pray for Aviana

Hey Everyone! Please pray for Jessica’s family, of the Farm Fresh blog. Her 3 year old daughter, Aviana, recently had an appendectomy and has been in the hospital since Monday recovering. She’s on morphine for the terrible pain.

Jessica’s other daughter, Brielle, is 1 year old and really not handling this time away from mom. Plus, Jessica is trying to keep her milk supply up so she won’t have to wean Brielle just yet.

I know they’d appreciate your prayers!



5 thoughts on “Pray for Aviana”

  1. Wow! Thank you all & thank you Mary!

    Not that I ever doubted it, but my dad just told me that studies show that people who are prayed for heal faster. I’m impressed there was a study. I haven’t actually googled that yet, but he must have heard it somewhere…:0)

  2. You are most welcome, Jessica. I just checked your site and saw that though Aviana has improved, things are still rough. I can’t imagine how those hospital walls must be closing in on you both. She’s sooo young to go through all this! It really makes your heart go out to parents of terminally ill children. Our family is praying for yours! Hang in there! I’m so glad you have internet access and can keep us updated…any idea when she’ll be dismissed?

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