The 10-20-30 Meme

Just got tagged by Jessica and Georgiana D for the 10-20-30 Meme, started at author Mary DeMuth’s Relevant blog

Quick: What were you doing ten, twenty and thirty years ago?

Ten years ago–

firstbaby1.jpgAge 22. We’d just moved from our cozy first trailer home into an old fixer-upper on 12 acres. I’d been killing myself sanding and painting because…I thought I was going to give birth to our first child in a mere week. Little did I know she’d be 17 days overdue. Yes, I resisted inducement that long before finally giving in… I was busy directing our church’s puppet team and having kids’ club meetings each Wednesday night at church and loving being a stay-at-home-wife. Life was indeed very good!

(this pic, scanned out of oldest’s baby book and cropped, is at my first baby shower, during which several girls on the puppet team surprised me with a puppet skit about my upcoming “blessed moment”…that feather-haired puppet played me–pregnant and delivering! It was a hoot…)

Twenty years ago–

Here the memory gets hazy…Twelve years old, beginning junior high at a small private school in Texas, and d1987momandme.jpgesperately trying to “fit” in. Somehow I’d made it to that age without caring about fashion or hairstyles, but I remember driving my mom crazy trying to find a pair of hot pink flats to go with a fuschia colored dress I’d bought myself on a trip to Canada that previous summer. That was the year, I believe, that my friendship blossomed with Teresa (who became my future maid of honor).

I had three jobs:

  1. Each Monday night after school I’d go home with a family of 7 and spend the evening babysitting their brood so the parents could have a date night. Then they’d take me back to school the next morning. I have so many good memories of those times…and got $25 a week for pure pleasure!
  2. On Wednesday evenings, our church paid me $5/hour to babysit during mid-week Bible classes.
  3. On Saturdays, I helped out in a clothing boutique…steaming the newly arrived clothes, dusting, vacuuming and washing out wine glasses!

The above jobs kept me from feeling too much of an only child (my siblings are 11, 13 and 17 years older than me) and from missing my 4 adorable nieces and nephews, who all lived in other states. πŸ™

I loved evenings spent bicycling with my dad around the big city, coming home to watch reruns of the Donna Reed show or American Movie classics.

Thirty years ago–

Two years old, just returned from a three month long trip that hit each of the mainland states and Prince1977toddlerme.jpg Edward Island with my mom, my sisters and one of their school friends. My cute curls got chopped on that trip, I rode the merry-go-round gazillion times in a row at Disney World (according to my saint of a mom) and brought back a Cinderella nightgown that I loved so much I was still wearing it at age 7! We lived on the West Coast at that time.

I tag (trying to think of those of you who are at least 30):

Here’s the idea, post your own 10-20-30’s, tag some friends, and link back to Mary DeMuth’s releventblog post.

Have fun!

20 thoughts on “The 10-20-30 Meme”

  1. wow your daughter was 17 days over due????

    when you came to tagging you said you were trying to think of who was at least 30
    how old do you think I am???

  2. Jen! Of course, from your comment, you must be over 30! Now you must play–I added you! πŸ˜‰ And yes, I was that far overdue. Went through a lot of non-stress tests and other nonsense just because I *really* wanted to have her on my own, but the dr. ended up breaking my water when I’d been dilated to 3 and 90% effaced for 4 weeks! Can you believe it? Here my dr. was saying I’d go anytime (she started saying this 3 weeks before my actual due date of Oct. 21st, and then dd took an additional 17 days to arrive. God must have known I needed patience??

    As far as how old you are, Jen? I’m guessing 40, based on the fact that you talk about having older children, older than Billy…

    Elizabeth, good–will be looking forward to your 10-20-30!

  3. 40!!!!!!!!!!! NO
    although I wished I was yesterday
    went for a long overdue womans test at the doctors and if Id been 40 it would have been free
    as it was it cost me $NZ45!!!

    I do have one older daughter estranged (15 years old)

    Im 37 πŸ™‚

  4. Ack, hiding my head! For some reason I thought your daughter was in her twenties! Ah well, only 3 years off! Thanks for playing!

  5. This was a great reflection into the past few years! I can’t wait to sit down and write my own, although it’ll have to be a 10-20-28.75 πŸ˜‰

  6. Oh Colleen…duh! I knew that…yes, go ahead and make it a 28.75 year for that last part! Lol…

    Thanks, Georgiana!

    It’s funny, Leticia, all those jobs came my way naturally, w/o me seeking them out. Everyone I worked for attended our church and were good friends of our family. It never seemed like work!

    And yours was fun to read Jen, thanks for letting me know!

  7. Code 46, Section III, Article d of the Internet Blogging Courtesy Code says that one blogger cannot be blogged more than one time in a 30 day period…guess I’m off the hook! πŸ˜‰

  8. Wha-at? Didn’t you also read (at the wikipedia of blogging facts and paraphernalia) that *different* memes can be tucked away for rainy days when no blog ideas are forthcoming? But, we can go with your netiquette, definitely! πŸ™‚

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