The Best Medicine

I’m posting today at Writer…Interrupted, a post of encouragement for parents of sick children.

As an extension of that, I wanted to mention that there’s nothing nicer than a care package when the germies have been making their unwelcome rounds. My oldest sister stopped in last fall, during our bout of influenza, and dropped off a grocery bag of goodies including:

  • individual sized squirt bottles of Sunny D
  • Campbell’s “Soup at Hand”–their microwaveable “heat and sip” soups
  • lip balm

My mother in law is another one for spoiling sick loved ones, only her “care packages” usually contain:

  • jello or pudding cups
  • gogurts (yogurt in a tube, good frozen or thawed)
  • juice boxes
  • Pedialyte
  • half a dozen cans of varying kinds of chicken soup (chicken noodl-o’s, chicken and stars, Dora chicken noodle soup…)
  • crackers
  • new books or toys

And my mom still sends over a kettle of chicken and dumplings, which always seems to me, to be the best medicine of all. That and her prayers…

What traditions have you lovingly brought into your family’s healing processes? I’d love to hear about them!