Fun with Friends and a Serger

A good friend and her dear mom spent most of an afternoon showing my daughters the basics of using a serger sewing machine. They’re both amazing seamstresses, wedding dress caliber these gals!

Anyway, Andrea contacted me wanting to do what she called “a fun project” with my girls which would require only a half yard of heavy-duty fabric such as denim or canvas and sergedbags.JPGa free afternoon. Well, on our end that’s all it required. On their end it required rather a lengthy road trip and the carting around of two sergers so each of my girls could whiz along on their bags simultaneously. Not to mention a whole afternoon teaching session.

And I got to love on Andrea’s newborn the whole time! All in all, a pretty great day!

Didn’t the bags turn out awesome??? Love those pleats!

7 thoughts on “Fun with Friends and a Serger”

  1. I know, wasn’t it so awesome of her, and her a new mommy too. My girls and I love her to death! And her mom is just as sweet.

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