Mopping the Ceiling

Yep, and the walls and the window and the floor…the bathroom got an overhaul yesterday.

I. Would. Really. Like. An. Exhaust. Fan. In. The. Bathroom.

Dh says we’ll get one, he’s even got one picked out in the farm store circular we received in yesterday’s mail. It’s that time of year. Not cold enough for the heater, but cold enough to fog up the bathroom completely when we run bathwater–and with one bathroom and five people, you figure the odds.

Forget the mirror, we could write messages to each other on the wet wallpaper.

So I took my Don Aslett mop and cleaned all the brown mold spots off the ceiling before they turned to a carpet of algae.

The window woodwork has been scrubbed so many times it has a “distressed wood finish”…vintage pale green paint flecking its way through many attempts to camouflage it with “pearl bisque” colored paint and its worthless “anti-mildew agent”… Charmingly rustic? Um-no. Timeworn? Well, we’ve got the color variations, the wood grain and the surface irregularities. Not so subtle as if I’d *planned* it that way on purpose. (Ya know, like taking a hammer and inflicting a few well-aimed dents for character and/or stress relief antiquing purposes.)

Well, at least the bathroom is clean from the curtains to the tension rods.

Till the next bath marathon, that is.