Making Melodies

As I type, my dh is enriching our daughters’ lives with the music of Marty Robbins. Never heard of him? Think authentic cowboy music. Sons of the Pioneers. Red River Valley ring any bells? Cool Water? Well, anyway, these songs make you think of Roy Rogers and fringed shirtsleeves. Corny as it sounds, it’s actually happifying, in a lilting, crooning kind of way…

So we’re making a lot of music here at our house lately. Well, at least a lot of noise anyway. Our seven year old’s 4 year dream of owning an “honest to goodness” trumpetPerformance has finally come true. Yes, when she was two we bought her a yellow and blue plastic Fisher-Price trumpet that played a few tunes, and when she was three, we bought her a red plastic trumpet at the State Fair. She’s kind of always had an attraction there, and her uncle happens to play–so once she heard it in real life…at about age three, yes, she decided she wanted a trumpet.

At this same time, her big sister was almost seven years old and had been saving her pennies for her very own Border Collie so the idea of “saving up for something” became doable.

Overnight she turned into a little Dave-Ramsey-money-guru.

I’d give both girls fifty cents to spend at the thrift store and oldest would drop hers just for the sake of spending, while lil trumpet lover just clenched hers tight in her hand till she could get home and insert it into her piggy bank, big band music notes in her eyes…

This year she asked for money for her birthday. That brought her up to almost half of what a new trumpet costs ($700). I got some quotes online, and ended up getting our local music store to knock off $300 from their typical “new” trumpet price to match the online price of the same brand. Wow! So now our girl finally has her trumpet. She blew it so hard and so much the first day, she ended up bursting blood vessels in her cheeks… I’m just personally glad she didn’t end up with permanently crossed eyes. Um-hm.

I have to admit to several doubts along this musical path. Trumpet, Lord? Why this fixation on trumpets? Till one day it came to me. Seven year old has always been my loud child. The one needing to tone it down…several thousand decibels. High-pitched giggles, ear-splitting whistles, room-echoing enthusiasm for this life and nothing less. What better instrument to boost this natural gusto than the trumpet? (Feel free to check with me in a couple months and see if I still sub to this theory)

Borrowing from Leticia here:

Moving On…

While on this music spree I had the music store restring my guitar. The guitar I bought years ago when pg with my oldest and moving to a new home. The guitar I never really did anything with.

So I was excited to find this site with the lyrics and guitar chords to many praise songs, including my toddler’s newest fave “Making Melodies in My Heart”… try singing that with your tongue hanging out (to understand you need to observe a gang of children engaged in the actions for this one…).

Now to brush up on my basic guitar chords…and find my daughter a trumpet teacher.

Tell me about the instruments in your life.