Who Needs God

Seriously. Here in America we have OnStar, cell phones, weather alerts. We’re insured–at the very least–with life, health, vehicle and property insurance. Why put our trust in a higher being when we’ve got fertility drugs, smoke alarms, the ER and government assistance at our beck and call?

In this instant gratification society, why pray when you can make it happen yourself? Or perhaps in the rush we just forget who’s really got our back.

MInTheGap and I discussed this somewhat in comments under his post on cell phone plans the other day. I mentioned a that I’d been driving our Saturn home from church last year when the front passenger side tire and wheel flew off the car with me driving 55 mph. Panicking–you know the whole “my life is flashing before my eyes, are the kids buckled in?, etc” spiel–I begged God for help!

We were able to slow down and pull off the rural highway, no cars in sight, completely safe and sound. Minus the still rolling tire and wheel. I got out, looked at the damage, got back in the car and took stock. A good twenty minutes from home and no cell phone. So we prayed. We prayed that someone would stop and let us use their phone, and that my husband would be home (translated: inside the house to get the call!) to be able to come rescue us!

Guess what we saw in the rear view mirror when we said “Amen”? A patrol car. He had a cell phone. My husband answered on the first ring and we were outta there in twenty minutes.

So I shared the above story with MInTheGap, prefacing it with the fact that we’d owned a car bag-phone before cordless cell phones were widely used. It was nice, but not necessary, so after a few years we canceled the plan and never looked back. Sure there are times I wish, for convenience sake, we still had one, but I have to wonder about what MInTheGap said in reply to my story:

“Cell phones do affect our feeling of independence from God, that much is certain. I’m beginning to wonder how much our feelings of detachment from God (or that God is distant) is a result of our own decisions to try to do more and more without Him.” ~MInTheGap

Pretty astute, to my way of thinking. I don’t ever want to lose my reliance on God.

Do you suppose that’s why the big “shake-ups” occur in our lives? Is God trying to get our attention in the only way He knows will make us sit up and get serious?

Life is too short, people. We all need the Lord.