Christmas Time’s A Coming!

And I’ve got to recommend two books and some great craft party ideas!

First, now is the time to be thinking about hosting a Christmas cookie exchange. Whether for the adult cooks in your life, or your own children and their friends (why not both?), this is a great way to kick off the giving we’re so fond of during the month of December.

In the book Great Parties for Kids by Nancy Fyke, Lynn Nejam, and Vicki Overstreet, you’ll find a two page spread on how to host a “Favorite Cookie Swap” for the kids in your life. Basically, each guest brings three dozen cookies, and the hostess makes about six batches of different kinds of cookies for sampling and giving away. Everyone leaves with several platefuls of variety to share with others. I like to emphasize that this is the time to make those fancy holiday cookies you only make once a year. It kind of dampens the enthusiasm if everyone brings chocolate chip cookies, know what I mean?

Also in this book, is a cute gingerbread man template to use for party invitations.

The second book I’ve got to recommend is Martha Stewart Living’s Crafts and Keepsakes for the Holidays. I was so excited to find instructions in this for classic looking homemade snow globes–something my 7 year old has been wanting to make since last Christmas! I marked several great projects in this book, from jingle bell wreaths to real ribbon chains (remember the construction paper chains we all made as kids for the tree?), to awesome silver origami ornaments to hang in your windows…

Do you have any great Christmas projects in mind for this year’s celebrations?

Dreaming of Christmas reds and evergreens,