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8 Random Things

Jen tagged me so here goes!

  1. Currently reading Sixth Covenant by Brock and Bodie Thoene, sixth in their awesome A.D. Chronicles series!
  2. Loving our Professor B Math…getting into long multiplication and division with oldest, and “vocabulary and symbolism of numeration” (whew!) with 7 year old!
  3. Just listened to the best email forward I’ve gotten in a long time…a phone call made by a 12 year old boy to a Houston radio station89.3 KSBJ’s morning show
  4. Roasted a turkey yesterday and made pumpkin soup with some of it today! So delicious we all had seconds and thirds!
  5. We are so enjoying a weekly Bible study with friends…we’re using Tommy Nelson’s A Life Well Lived DVD series, all on the book of Ecclesiastes. Really. Good.
  6. Got the girls’ room cleaned today! Big group effort!
  7. My oldest daughter has already sold two of her border collie pups and they’ve only been weaned a few days! (5 to go! Any takers?)
  8. I just got some great news from Tricia Goyer, that EVERY writer/blogger should check out! Hint: Would you like to see one of your popular blog posts published?

I’ve actually done the 8 Random Things meme before, so today I stuck with today’s random things. Hope you enjoy some of the links!

And consider yourselves tagged, if you so desire! I’d love to learn more about each of you!