Puppy Pastimes

im002590.jpgWell, we have five pups left out of the “Magnificent Seven” litter. Two sold by word of mouth (no advertisement!) before we even had them fully weaned, which helped bunches to keep the dog food flowing and also to cover all the ads we needed to place around. These are my ten year old’s puppies. Kind of a nice little hobby-income she’s had the past two years now.

Tuesday morning, in addition to rushing through math worksheets, history homework, and meal prep for a friend who recently had her fifth girl (!)…we somehow managed to bathe two of the eight-week-old pups in the kitchen sink without total chaos! They were lil dumplin’s…so good sitting there like little drowned rats in the process and like spiky half-wet owlets in the drying off aftermath! Each girl sat in front of the fireplace for a half hour afterwards making sure they were good and dry. I would have taken pics but my digital camera batteries had run down! 🙁 All this because we were taking them for show and tell at our homeschool co-op. Need I say…Very Big Hit?

The picture above is of “Frog”, an older pup, up next to one of the newer ones shortly after they were born. This one is ourim002597.jpg youngest daughter with “Frog”–her favorite. Frog’s first sound was a croak, thus the moniker, and we’ve encouraged their relationship, as Frog will be sticking around.

But as for the rest of them…wish us luck…may they sell before they eat us out of house and home!

P.S. We called this litter the “Magnificent Seven” because dh told oldest about the movie (it’s one of his favorite westerns–if you’ve seen it…yeah, I know…) and she named the two males after the two main characters in the movie: Chris and Vince.