Looking Back

2007…some random memories:

hubby’s new job~ began building new deck~moving my blog to its own .com~ MAMA’s videos and teaching responsibility to my girls ~ attending writing conferences-meeting famous authors- making lifelong friends~ Thursdays with Deborah ~ good-byes ~ parent’s 50th wedding anniversary bash ~ first niece’s wedding~ Black Hill’s vacation~ summer Sunday school ~ lake birthday parties ~ VBS~ tubing ~ hours of fun collage~ Bible studies and lunches with my parents ~ Thursday night home groups with friends ~ creative writing classes with the homeschool co-op kids~ middle daughter’s trumpet purchase ~ oldest’s puppy sales ~ youngest’s number huntings ~ tie-dying ~ cake decorating ~ discovering free books/book reviews ~ Vick’s Vapor Rub on feet for curing night-time coughing ~ scrabble games ~ family camp ~ hubby and sword drills ~ canning~ the “Lord Most High is Awesome” party ~ hellos ~ Awana contests ~ playing pitch with b&sil ~ brown rice and hamburgers Italiano ~ baking-soda/vinegar shampoo experiments ~ meeting nephew’s fiance ~ electrical power outages ~ grandparent slumber party ~ hurts and healings both on the blog and in real life ~ Ecclesiastes ~ sewing with Andrea ~ fall bonfires ~ homemade snow globes ~ a Christmas movie with my sister ~ a Christmas box of goodies from a bloggie friend~ another from a niece ~ Pampered Chef gadgets and utensils ~ grandparent’s 60th anniversary party ~ toddler outgrowing her crib ~ oldest preferring adult company at family get-togethers ~ middle’s inch long splinter-foot-cyst fiasco ~ jury duty ~ Professor B on CD-Rom (yes!! finally!) ~ helping hubby work calves ~ mentoring ~ having “the talk” ~ good health ~ friends ~ family ~ faith~ blessings~ and all of you name by precious name…

What will you remember about 2007?