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Internet: Favorite Homeschooling Resource

Do you have internet access and a printer? Then you’re set! This morning I’ve been printing off math worksheets to aid me in teaching my second grader about rounding and […]

Do you have internet access and a printer? Then you’re set!

This morning I’ve been printing off math worksheets to aid me in teaching my second grader about rounding and estimating numbers to the nearest hundreds. Googling “skip-counting” and “number charts” and “rounding to nearest hundreds” led me to a mountain of information! Along the way I also found some great worksheets for practicing Roman Numerals…and an incredible number chart generator which allows you to input your numbers (I created one for skip-counting by 500’s, starting at 1,000 and going to 50,000), and an interactive number chart that uses a flash 5 plug-in to allow your child to color whichever squares you want them to learn in their skip-counting journey.

In November and December, when I was teaching a unit on Creative Writing to our co-op’s 4-6th graders, I relied heavily on the internet for my worksheets on hyperbole, alliteration, metaphors, similies, imagery, idioms, onomatopoeia, etc. I also found many story starter helpers, and other middle school writing resources.

Last week, when searching for fun stuff about the Pony Express, I stumbled on this site featuring many worksheets having to do with the westward expansion…which is right on for our 4th grade history lessons.

My three year old is loving these traceable number worksheets that I’m using to reinforce her Professor B math. At the same site there are printable alphabet worksheets for preschoolers–and it’s more than just tracing. They first trace, then freehand, then color the number or alphabet letter being taught, and then complete an activity at the bottom of the page. Exciting! My little one always wants to do her “math”!

Want to know how to play the trumpet, or free online guitar lessons? How about beginning crochet, or how to grow herbs on your windowsill?

It’s easy to see how the internet makes supplementing your child’s education a breeze, and with the teacher helps out there…any subject is detailed, outlined, and available…right at our fingertips!

Translated: Anyone can homeschool! And anyone, no matter what age, can learn new things.

What are your favorite internet helps? I’d love us to share together in the comments!

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Great question, and I hope if someone has an internet resource to share, that they will! I love how our Professor B Level 1 CD-Rom teaches preschoolers their numbers…a little “Professor Bee” comes on the screen and flashes fingers at them…at the beginning he teaches them “1” by flashing different finger “ones” (a thumb one time, an index finger the next, etc) basically just showing them that it can be different but it is still “1”. Then he has the children show him “different ones” using their own fingers. Once they have this figured out, he progresses to flashing cubes, panda bears, soccer balls and the actual numeric symbol at them, all in sets of “1”. As he introduces each new number, he does it the same until they really know it, and then he does mixed practice with the new number and the last one or ones that they’ve already learned. This is easily done without the CD-Rom, just show your 5 yo different fingers and have her match the ones you come up with…but keep it fast paced. Then gather things from around the house and so on(using Professor B’s computer program just makes it easier!)Then, in addition to this, what we’ve been doing is putting the “number” of the week on about 5 different 5″x7″ pieces of paper and letting our youngest tape them up around the house in locations of her choosing. She loves taking us around to all of them each day, and we leave them up so that when she’s worked up to 3 new numbers, she is telling us all the different ones as we “do the number tour” around the house. She really knows her numbers, just because of this!

Another suggestion, would be to make “number books”. Choose a number and feature it on each page along with items (cut and pasted from magazines or drawn) that match it.

thanks Ill be taking a note of some of these

i was very pleasantly surprised when i went through my bookmarks the other and realized just how much good home schooling material is available on the internet

It amazes me, Jen!! I just found another great site with free printable worksheets on a variety of subjects for all the lower grades. Each worksheet prints off in two versions, a blank worksheet and another with the answers in red! Very cool!

Rosetta Stone comes as the highest recommended…and at one of our homeschool meetings, someone mentioned something about there being free online courses through Rosetta Stone for all the major languages. I think it’s through the state library card system or something. I asked about it again recently, and no one knew anything. I’d bet a librarian would know…if a websearch didn’t turn it up first!

That’s a great tip! I’ll make one with my youngest, thanks, Jessica! I’ve never heard of the websites you linked to, I’ll be sure and check them out soon!

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