Family Health

Seeing Things

My oldest is helping her Grand-dad work calves this 19 degree weatherful mornin’; my middle daughter is lying on the couch watching Little House on the Prairie after a miserable night of fever and little sleep, and youngest is still in her footie pajamas, coughing but happy.

After just discussing my stance on letting fevers run their course in the comments of the Vick’s VapoRub on Feet post, you all would have been raising your eyebrows at my frenzied run for the cupboard and some Tylenol last night.

Meltaways rolled from my palm, onto the countertop, then off to the floor. At the same time, my little girl cowered into me, alternating between hiding her eyes and furtively looking beyond us to the doorway. If you’ve ever seen Sixth Sense you know how creeped out I was. She’d woken up, sweaty and disoriented, hallucinating. What was she seeing, what scared her so much? People. Lots of them. Ones I couldn’t see.

She’d been running a 104F fever (40.0 C for my NZ friends) for probably 4 hours at that point, but since she was resting well, I wasn’t worried about her needing Tylenol. And I’m still not sure the Tylenol did her any favors, because well within its 4 hour parameter she had two more episodes–hallucinations. It was so strange, because we had her giggling, and listing off all the names of our dogs, her cousins, the 27 books of the New Testament and right in the middle of seeming lucid, she just went off about the giants in the kitchen and begged me to turn off the kitchen light so she wouldn’t see them anymore. Of course we prayed for/with her and I held her close on the couch most of the night, but what a horrible experience. She did this last year when she had influenza but somehow I’d forgotten.

This morning her fever is 103F. Her hot little forhead is heating up cold washcloths almost as fast as I can replace them, but thankfully she is drinking 2-3 cups of liquid an hour. Thanks to the hydrogen peroxide treatments she has little to no cold symptoms anymore, only the fever and malaise, though she did vomit once last night…

Thank you all for praying, my little girl needs it! I’m just so thankful for plumbing, and that midnight jaunts to the outhouse in zero degree weather aren’t necessary!

On the home front, dh finished the “mini-bathroom” remodel up last night. We are rejoicing to have a working shower and bathtub again! We even found the exact match to our bath tile-board, so we only had to replace the one wall section…

How are all of you guys this end of the week Friday?