Wish List Meme

I was tagged for this meme recently by Julie at iloveyouSObig.

Here are the instructions: Post two wish lists: 5 material wishes and 5 spiritual or more meaningful wishes. Invite five other bloggers to play along.

Okay, here goes:

Material Wishes:

(This will be easy…they all have to do with my home!)

  1. New shingles!
  2. Siding, so that scraping and painting can be a thing of the long distant past…
  3. Lumber to finish our deck project that we started last spring!
  4. Heating/AC for our attic/upstairs. We have two finished bedrooms up there and would like the extra space. Currently our three girls are sharing one bedroom. Thankfully, it’s a big bedroom, but they want to move upstairs!
  5. Paint and wallpaper for a much needed kitchen renovation! And the hootspa to get it done!

Spiritual Wishes:

  1. To be a godly example to my girls, so that they *want* to follow the Lord and have hearts for home and family
  2. To spend more time in God’s word
  3. To develop a deeper prayer life with dh
  4. To have a family ministry–even a short term missions opportunity
  5. That God might be glorified by my writing and my life

Okay, instead of tagging five bloggers, I’m opening this up to any of you who want to respond. For those of you w/o blogs, just leave your wish lists in the comments section! Can’t wait to read yours!